Tuesday, July 31, 2007

West Coast Offense

When you have drawn your last breath, and life is over, how would you like to be known as the "inventor of the West Coast offense"? Thus, the life of Bill Walsh - legendary coach of the San Francisco 49ers - is summed up.

I'm sure he was a wonderful man who loved his family, but this is what a person on TV last night said Bill Walsh would be remembered for. How sad. A life wasted - if that's all he did.

Because, when the last inning has been played, or the buzzer has sounded; when the Hall of Fame calls your name in Cooperstown, or 60,000 fans are finished screaming your name at the Super Bowl; when the last play has been scripted, or they've carried you off the field on their shoulders for the last time . . . what then?

It's a lesson to us.

Well has Solomon said, "Vanity, vanity, all is vanity."


holamickey said...

What then? Well posed. I am going to miss you around here man - Courage.

Chad Stuart said...

And yet I pay for that vanity! I grew-up a Niner fan and a Walsh fan, so I guess I am a supporter of the vanity. What is worse to be the one who is living a pointless life, or to be the one on the outside recognizing the discongruence with the gospel and cheering it on?


holamickey said...

Shawn - your silence on this blog cries out its own message - Glad you are back up north and you are reunited. Courage bro.