Thursday, April 24, 2008

Waiting at the Altar

I am happy to announce that, almost two years after completing it, my book, Waiting at the Altar has just been published. It is available for purchase on or I am not one of those "buy my book" kinds of guy, but I do feel burdened to encourage you to get your hands on a copy of one. I spent a lot of time on it and feel as though God invited me to write it. So, check it out (and if you happen to buy one and read it, please leave some feedback on!!).

Below is a synopsis of the book, as well as some endorsements from a few people:

World War II. A man on the moon. The collapse of communism in Russia. September 11. Hurricane Katrina. All these events triggered one thought in Seventh-day Adventists' minds: Jesus is about ready to return. Yet the wait continues.

In Waiting at the Altar, Shawn Brace explains that Christ is, indeed, close to returning, but there is one foundational mistake that we have made in interpreting the events of Christ's return. Are we waiting for Christ, or is it the other way around?

"Not often does the publishing world get a book that blows right by the thousands published at the same time. In these pages, Shawn answers the question that most every theologian avoids or waffles on. That question is the most significant question that ever could be asked: What does God want to accomplish in His Plan of Salvation? Shawn simply lets the biblical story unfold the answer." - Herbert E. Douglass, Th.D., Lincoln Hills, California

"Very informative yet the author's transparency makes it more than readable with word pictures so compelling I hated to stop to turn the page. I recommend it to every Adventist pastor and layman." - Kristin McGuire, Topsham, Maine

"Grounded in the powerful biblical metaphor of the wedding, Shawn Brace has provided a very forthright and practical portrayal of the principles of the Gospel. He has shown how embracing these principles can lead God's remnant people to be ready for the marriage of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) so that Christ may indeed come to receive His bride. I heartily recommend Brace's book to all those who wish to understand the Gospel more deeply and experience its transforming power more fully." - Richard M. Davidson, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, Andrews University

"First century Christians greeted each other with the Aramaic phrase 'Maranatha' - the Lord Comes. But 2000 years later He still hasn't come. Why not? Maybe His wife hath not made herself ready. Revelation 19:7. Pastor Shawn draws from all sorts of stories as he helps us to understand more fully why the Bridegroom of the Ages is still standing at the altar, instead of earthbound to take us home." - Dr. Jerry Barcelow, Optometrist, Church Elder, South Royalton, Vermont

"Why does Shawn Brace’s Waiting at the Altar qualify as a good love story? Because it’s got enough of both—strong, passionate love, and touchingly beautiful stories. Shawn’s passion for love, true love, eternal love, will do something for you. Share it in his precious stories and very readable theology. Then bless the world the way you’ve been blessed by this earnest, humble, godly book." - L. C., Michigan

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Travis Walker said...

Congrats on your book man! I always new that you would become a good author from back in our days at the Student Movement.

I am finishing up Seminary this August and look forward to going back out into the ministry again. Email me so I can have your email. I have a couple of questions to ask you.

Again - Congrats and God Bless