Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Day Late . . .

A couple months ago, I received an e-mail from a woman who lives on the West Coast. She grew up here in New England but has lived out there for a number of years. She still has family in the the Northeast and, in particular, she has one brother who lives in my area. He was raised in the church but drifted away, leading a lifestyle that is contrary to what the Bible would condone. Worried about him, she wondered if I could pay him a visit sometime. I assured her that I would definitely give him a call and visit as soon as I could.

Unfortunately, as things often go, I got busy and forgot to call the man. It wasn't until this morning - two months later - that I came across his name again, and I decided to finally call him. When I called, a gentleman picked up on the other end. Not sure if it was him or not, I said, "I am looking for so-and-so," to which the man very hesitatingly responded, "He actually passed away last night . . . "

Silence on my end.

What a cold and sobering reality, and a very sad lesson learned. I don't know if he went to sleep in the Lord or not. I have a feeling that God will do all that He can to get him into the kingdom. But Lord have mercy upon me for neglecting such an important matter.


mhb said...

The truth as I see it is that God loved and cared for this gentleman more than you ever could have. I am confident that He did everything is His power through the Holy Spirit to reach this man. This time, that effort didn't include you.

Dingo said...

You're right, it is a cold, sobering reality. How many times have we all failed someone this close to death without knowing how close that moment was. It puts a new light on how precious every moment is.

God uses us to reach each other with the Good News. However, He also knows our frame and remembers that we are dust. He took that into account before the man's sister contacted you. that's not to discount anything, just to offer hope.

The God who made the human mind will leave no effort undone to reach that mind, even in the dying moments. He knew the time of the man's passing and He didn't let him go to the grave without that maximum effort.

We can't know until the resurrection what his decision was, but God is merciful as well as just. He has done all that could be done to reach this soul.

May the Lord give you the comfort of His love as you walk through this sorrowful reality.

Shawn Brace said...

Hi ladies,

Thank you for your words of encouragement. As I said, I am sure that God did all that He could - with or without me - to draw a response from His child before he died.

holamickey said...

Shawn - just letting you know I am reading... enjoy your musings.

Shirley Casey said...

Pastor Shawn, I can well imagine how you must have felt when you were told you were only a day late!! I am sure that God in HIS mercy will have compassion on this man. It is lesson to me to make sure that when the spirit tells me to contact a person that I need to do it then and there. We never know the time nor the hour. Life is so short and so very, very precious. I have learned this as I have grown "older." You are doing a wonderful job for the Lord and never let God down nor your father, grandfathers or your Aunt. We love you!!