Monday, March 23, 2009

Meeting New People - Part 3

Click here for part 1 and part 2.

I.                   A Quick Review

a.       Taking the first step

                                                  i.      Where to meet new people

1.      Anywhere and everywhere!

a.       Work, neighborhood, clubs/groups, service

                                                ii.      We need to be intentional about our relationships!

                                              iii.      Meeting new people opens up “networks” of others that we can meet as well

II.                Continuing to Develop the Relationships

a.       Relationships must be developed at a naturally slow pace

                                                  i.      This is one “rule” of relationships that can sometimes be easy to forget

1.      We must not “bombard” a person with attention

2.      Give them their space

a.       This is just a simple rule of relational etiquette

b.      Don’t call a person more than once or twice without hearing back from them

                                                                                                                          i.      If they don’t return your phone call, they don’t want to talk with you!

                                                                                                                        ii.      Wait 2 weeks to a month before trying to contact them again

3.      Don’t show up uninvited to their house

a.       This is a good idea in general in this day and age

b.      Continue to enjoy activities with them that you have in common

c.       Keep your conversations positive and affirming

                                                  i.      Discuss areas of commonality

                                                ii.      Don’t bring up religion or politics

1.      If they want to discuss these things, then let them be the one to bring them up

a.       Generally, you cannot win in a conversation about politics anyway. People get too passionate and it hinders the opportunity to share the Gospel

                                              iii.      Don’t make moral judgments on their behavior

1.      “You know it’s not right to smoke.”

2.      “You know the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong.”

                                              iv.      Don’t get into doctrinal disputes

1.      It is not now the time to give them a lecture on the “state of the dead” if one of their loved ones dies

2.      It is not now the time to tell them why the seventh day is the Sabbath

a.       If they ask, fine. Then you can explain your beliefs. But share them in such a way that will not be divisive

d.      Support the person unconditionally, offering love, help, and assistance whenever needed

                                                  i.      When someone in their families dies, send a card of support rather than a lecture on the state of the dead

1.      Let them know that you care

2.      “Be there” for them whenever needed

                                                ii.      When they lose their job, invite them over for dinner

1.      During this down economy, there are many people who are vulnerable and open to the Gospel

This is what it means to follow Christ’s method of friendship: minister to their needs

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