Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Me Again!

If anyone is interested, here are a few links to the presentations I did last week at the Northern New England Camp Meeting. For the most part, the presentations are similar to my book, though they are a little more in-depth with less "fluff."

I had a great time with the seminar and God really blessed. I don't get the chance to "teach" very often. Usually I am in more of a homiletical mode. But I really enjoyed this format and I don't think many people in the audience had glazed eyes.

The first presentation, "The Delayed Wedding," is here.

The second presentation, "The Waiting Groom," is here.

And the thrid presentation, "The Responsive Bride," is here. For my money, I think the last presentation perhaps went the best. There certainly was a lot of interaction - mostly positive.

I would love to hear anyone's reaction to the presentations.


Mithun said...

I just listened to part 1.

You sound a lot different than I thought you would. I don't know why, but I thought your voice would be different. Then again, I'm sure you think you sound different on a recording than you thought, too.

What was the book you mentioned on the Sanctuary, the scholarly one?

Shawn Brace said...

Hey Mithun! Thanks for listening in. I hope you will listen to the next two parts.

Sorry that my voice did not meet your expectations!! ;-) Truth be told, as you say, it sounds different than I would expect also. I've realized recently that my voice is a little too nasally, and just a hint of femininity as well! What are you going to do, though?

Might I also suggest that you check out my weekly sermons (to which you can find a link to "subscribe" on my page)?

And when am I going to meet you in the flesh? It would be great to get together sometime. I am down at my parents' place in the Boston area semi-regularly.

Mithun said...

I'll check them out.

I return to the Boston area in mid-August. I should be there most weekdays and weekends throughout the year (except holidays), so if you're ever in the area, shoot me an email. (Also, come to Boston Temple if you're there on Sabbath).

Steve said...

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for these presentations. They have helped answer some questions that I've had for several years. This idea that we (the church) have delayed the return of Christ is in harmony with the principle found in Deuteronomy 19:16-19. If a controversy arises between two parties, there must be a third party to judge between them and render a verdict. There a number of texts that clearly show that we (redeemed humanity) are the third party to vindicate God's character before the entire universe. God is waiting for a group of people who will be completely loyal to Him and have a mature understanding of His character. Until then, they cannot be trusted as “Kings and Priests” who will render a fair verdict. Pastor Ivor Myers has an excellent sermon on this topic called “Jury Selection”.

God bless and thanks for your ministry.


Shawn Brace said...

We'll definitely look you up sometime, Mithun! I am usually not around for church, though, since I have my own churches I need to preach at.

You should check out the church my dad pastors sometime. It's about 10 miles south of Boston in Braintree.