Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Singular in Love

I came across a quotation this morning from the pen of inspiration that is sobering: “Half-hearted converts abound,” she writes. Whoa! That, in itself, is a mouthful—an idea that cuts to the heart. Perhaps it does not speak to you because you know there is no way that you are a “half-hearted convert.” But I know that it gives me great pause.

She then goes on to say in the very next sentence, “Singleness in love for Jesus is rare” (1888 Materials, p. 714). And thus, when these two sentences come together, there is a lot to consider in relation to my own life. Have I whole-heartedly been stirred by Christ’s love? Is there a “singularity” in my love for Him? Or is my heart divided? Does it have many “mistresses”?

A few thousand years before Ellen White wrote this statement, the apostle Paul encouraged the believers in Corinth to essentially reflect upon the same poignant questions. “Examine yourselves,” he wrote, “whether ye be in the faith” (2 Corinthians 13:5). And such an admonition, though at times intimidating to some, is a very merciful thought to reflect upon. The Lord loves us too much for Him not to remind us to do such an exercise.

And, of course, His love for us is singular. He is not half-hearted towards you and me. We can simply “examine” the Cross to understand this. And perhaps, if you and I are half-hearted and divided in our devotion to Christ, that’s where we should begin, anyway: the Cross. Such a picture, when understood, will certainly draw us into “the faith.”

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