Wednesday, February 3, 2010


If we were to be honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that far too often in our lives we are unsatisfied and unfulfilled. We try to fill our lives with things that we think will give us fulfillment and joy—plasma TVs, clothes, more money, relationships. On and on the list goes. And yet, no matter how much we acquire, attain, or pursue, there is still an emptiness that exists.

Fortunately for us, the Lord, in His mercy, is trying to call our attention to the fact that He has the answer for us. In fact, He is the answer. And what He is desperately trying to do in our lives is fulfill this promise that He inspired Jeremiah to write: “And My people,” He declared, “shall be satisfied with My goodness” (Jeremiah 31:14).

And there it is! The Lord is trying to find a way into our lives so that we can feast upon His goodness and find joy and satisfaction in Him. And this is a promise to us which is surely to be fulfilled if we let Him. He is working overtime to accomplish this in our experience.

“But what is my job?” we wonder. It is simply to “taste.” That’s what David encourages us to do. “Oh, taste and see,” he says. But what is it that we are supposed to “taste and see”? “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).

Have you ever sat down at the table, only to see the most delicious-looking food in front of you? Maybe it’s an exquisite fruit platter, or maybe even a home-made apple pie. I bet that your mouth begins to salivate and you cannot wait to simply “taste.” In fact, I bet you want to do more than simply “taste.” You want to dig in and not stop until your stomach is full.

Well, Christ has invited us to “sup” with Him (see Revelation 3:20). And placed before our very eyes is the most delicious-looking spread we could ever imagine: It’s His goodness, His love, His compassion and mercy. And all He invites us to do is to simply “taste.”

Does that sound “hard”?

And when we have simply “tasted,” we will want more. And thus, God’s promise will be fulfilled, just as He declared, “And My people will be satisfied with My goodness.”

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Kyle Baldwin said...


"Taste and see that the Lord is good." I think more people should do this. If done it would draw them closer to God.

However we often preach and counsel people to see that the Lord is good, but we don't explain what it means when He's good or kind or loving.

While the gifts of God can be cherished more than the giver it is the real actions and blessings that motivate people to serve God.

Abraham trusted in the Lord but eventually requested a physical confirmation of the blessing God had promised. Isaac was that physical confirmation.

While we have to be careful not to elevate the things of this life too much, the things of this life testify of the goodness of God.

The good food that we eat reminds us of God's goodness. The warm bed in which we sleep reminds of His warmth.The kindness of friends, family and even strangers can point us to the kindness of God.

We don't live in a vacuum. I can't know what the color red is unless someone points out to me something that is red. Furthermore unless I see love I can't know what love is.

Of course this doesn't mean that the amount of love we see will be proportional to the love that actually comes from God, but it must be exampled somewhere.

Abstract concepts are simply idealized versions of actual events. It is no accident that sensory words like "taste" and "see" are used to help us to understand God. I believe this is why Paul says that the physical is first and then the spiritual.

You cannot tell a man that is blind from birth that something is blue. He will have no idea what you are talking about. This is the very reason why sin is so bad it mars and blinds us to the goodness that existed and still exists to some degree in God's creation. When Mrs. White says that "nature and revelation alike testify of God's love," she meant things that we can taste, see, feel, touch and hear.