Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Convergence: A New Blog

Hopefully it won't be the case, but you may be hearing from me less on this blog for a little while. That is because I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my thoughts via a new blog on the Bangor Daily News website. I have called it "Convergence," and it is geared more toward a general audience. This current blog, "New England Pastor," is more of an "in-house," Adventist-focused blog. "Convergence" is geared more toward a general non-Adventist, even non-Christian, audience.

This is an exciting opportunity to share a perspective on God with those who may not encounter it otherwise. The Bangor Daily News website is the most read online news source in Maine, so it provides great potential. I plan to post weekly (usually on Mondays, probably), so bookmark the page: https://convergence.bangordailynews.com/

Thus far, I have shared three posts: 1. "Who Are Seventh-day Adventists?" (which, by God's grace, seems to have garnered some positive feedback - both from Adventists and non-Adventists) 2. "Thankful," and the one I just posted yesterday 3. "More Than This."

Please pray for this venture! And don't worry, I will be sharing still on here as well as the Spirit moves and as time allows.

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Andrew said...

I like your post in the paper. I hope many people are touched.