Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day Off!

I'm not sure what it is, but since the beginning of September, I have been busier than ever before. Perhaps it's because I have been in my district for a year, and people are now calling or e-mailing me more, or maybe it's just because I have made myself busier. But today is the real first day since then that I've been able to "veg" out. Since the beginning of September, I have not really had any free Sundays, whether they be filled with camping, Bible studies, funerals, weddings. . . .

It seems as though Camille and I had tons of Sundays last year where we just sat around and did nothing. That isn't necessarily the funnest thing, either, but there needs to be a fine balance.

And life isn't going to be getting any less chaotic. This next week, I will be commuting back and forth to South Lancaster, where I will be speaking for the Atlantic Union Educators Aministrators' Council. Then, next week, I will be shuttling back and forth up to Central Vermont Academy, where I will be speaking for their Week of Prayer.

Of course, life is going to be getting a lot more busy come May, when life as I know it will totally disappear!!

But I have been able to bring my camera here and there, and take some pictures. Here are a couple of pictures that I've taken recently. The first two are from our beautiful little town, and the other one is from a town not too far from here. I hope you enjoy.


steve said...

Hi Shawn,

Very nice pictures. I have recently gotten into HD Videography. I have a Canon Vixia HV-30 which is surprisingly affordable for the quality of picture. Here are some wonderful short films done by a guy in your region of the country.
Don't miss the one called, "Falling Water". I hope to produce stuff this good someday.

Have a great week.

Don and Sue said...

So, Shawn, who is producing your calendar? I haven't seen any nicer ones.

steve said...

Shawn, When I commented about your pictures on this post. I didn't notice the more important picture on the post below. Congratulations! My daughter is 4 now, and yes your life will never be the same. Much busier, but also much more interesting and fun. Children are a wonderful blessing from God.


Shawn Brace said...

Thanks for the compliments, folks! It's a joy to be able to capture such beautiful scenes around here. And thanks, Steve, for pointing me in the direction of that "Falling Water" video. It was stunning.

Thanks, too, for your congratulations on the impending birth!