Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Blog!

Though I do not watch much TV at all, I feel like CBS, where every show is some type of spin off of CSI. I have now started my fourth "blog" that involves the title "New England Pastor." I was posting my thoughts on photography on this blog, the plain old sounding "New England Pastor," but I decided to start another blog that can be purely devoted to my photography musings. I don't necessarily mean to compartmentalize my life, believing that each part of life should be tied in with every other part, but I want to spare those who come to my original blog for theological meat.

You can find it at newenglandpastorphotography.blogspot.com. Please bookmark it accordingly, or subsribe to that site using your feed reader.

I will say that I don't consider myself to be a great photographer, and I don't even strive to be original or all that creative. I just want to capture New England scenes (and scenes from around the rest of the world, though they don't give me as much joy) in a way that uplifts its beauty and makes people yearn for this wonderful place more. I also want to capture candid shots of my loved ones in a way that they can enjoy as well.

Here is a "sneak-peak" of what you'll see at that site, as well as a "sneak-peak" of what I enjoyed for a few hours last week of the New England colors.

Groton, Vermont

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