Friday, July 11, 2008


I was intending to post something else tonight, and I even started jotting down something else on another subject, but time has not permitted me to complete that yet. Instead, I will share a very insightful quote from an all-too-appropriate source. Little did the author know just how prophetic his statement would be (in many contexts):

"History repeats itself; and only he who knows the course of error in the past can be on his guard against its insidious approaches in the future" (E. J. Waggoner, Fathers of the Catholic Church, p. IV).

Waggoner wrote this in 1888 and he was referencing the history of the Catholic church. But his words could very well be applied to his own plight, later on that same year (and the church's subsequent treatment of him). History has not been kind to Waggoner, mostly because we have forgotten him altogether, and haven't learned from the past.


Dingo said...

You're right. I find it hard to learn anything about him and his history. It's pretty hard to learn from a past that no one wants to communicate to us.

p.s. almost finished with your book and have a waiting list of other people I've told that they have to get their own copy. Lots of fresh ingisghts and fresh ways of looking at things we are perhaps becoming jaded with. Strange thought - becoming ho-hum about such Good News, but it happens. thanks

Dingo said...

Finished!It takes the "hasting to the day" idea we have all heard so often (that it actually translates to "hastening the day") out of Sabbath School lesson theory and into living, breathing reality. Also gives a "real person" urgency to the Lord as a groom waiting with painful anticipation for a missing bride. I never really thought about it from His side before - waiting for a bride to be more than lukewarm about their wedding day. We all are really putting the wilt in his wedding flowers. It is beyond my understanding of love that He is so patient when we are busy being a naked bride. Thanks for a new vision.

Shawn Brace said...

Hi Dingo,

Thank you so much for your compliments. I'm glad that you were blessed by the book. It is awfully easy to lose sight of the Gospel, and get distracted by the mundane things of life. God grant us the grace to look beyond ourselves!