Thursday, July 10, 2008

Calling All Film Makers

A few months back, I pointed out that David Asscherick, et al., was getting "Nooma" on us and producing a series of videos that dealt with theological issues of particular substance (perhaps a little more substantive than Rob Bell). Recently, I have felt inspired to take on my own film pursuits and produce my own series of "illustrated sermons" on film.

The problem is, I have no expertise, whatsoever, in this field, and I realize that it can cost a lot of money. But I think the money thing may actually be the easier part.

Thus, I am petitioning anyone who has any experience in this field, or knows someone who does. I have contacted a few people to get an idea as to what would go into such a production and, although it has been a little eye-opening, I believe that if God wants such a production to take place, He will provide the resources, time, and money.

So, if you know anything at all about anything, please contact me via this blog, or e-mail me at shawnbrace at gmail dot com.

On another much unrelated note (but not wanting to take up a whole independent post): at Camp Meeting last week in Maine, we took the Earliteens to Funtown Splashtown USA - a small waterpark that was fairly crowded. As we enjoyed the hot weather, I walked around the park for quite a while, searching for a drinking fountain. I was flabbergasted to see a vending machine every ten feet, but not one drinking fountain. When I asked an employee where there was a drinking fountain, she looked at me as if I had five heads.

The fact of the matter is, they do not have a drinking fountain in Splashtown USA.

Shouldn't this be illegal? Isn't there some type of building regulation that would require a public facility to have a drinking fountain? What happens if I come into the park and I do not have $2 to buy an Aquifina? Or what happens if I have $2, but not $4, and one bottle of water doesn't hydrate me enough?

Just as my Irving post a few months back brought about a tremendous change, I hope that, when I return to Splashtown next Camp Meeting, they will have drinking fountains at every corner.

Of course, I am kind of disgusted by public drinking fountains to begin with, but that's besides the point.


Chad said...

My comment has nothing to do with your post--but I wanted to say I saw you over on Ben Witheringon's site. I appreciated your intellectual challenge. I will keep arguing the soft stuff and I'll let you handle the Didache and all that--that is not in my repertoire:) Blessings to you Shawn...and yes I am moving soon to California.

Shawn Brace said...


Sounds good. Let's tag-team it up (assuming he'll continue the discussion!).

Where/when are you moving to California? What will your position be?

Have a blessed Sabbath!