Saturday, November 22, 2008

Come One, Come All!


Charles said...

Ah, familiar faces - my fellow church members! I always love it when either of these two preach. My favorite is Dr. Davidson's Hosanna sermon (or is it the feast of tabernacles?) where we all wave palm branches. Gets ya in the spirit of things!

Shawn Brace said...


Now that I know where you go to church, this helps me understand the context of everything you've said in your comments!!

The whole Davidson family is wonderful. They are some of my favorite people in the world. I used to play in a "musical group" (we'll leave it at that) with their son, Jon, from my undergraduate days at Andrews, and his parents have always been two of the most wonderful people in my eyes. Taking classes from them when I went to the seminary confirmed that (Dick Davidson is, hands down, my favorite teacher of all time), and I love their emphasis. They are just wonderful.

Charles said...


LOL!!!! The cat's outta the bag. And yes, the entire Davidson clan are wonderful Christians. I love how even the littlest kids get involved in Dr. Davidson's sermons. Its neat to witness, especially when my children (6 & 7) get pumped up.

God bless.