Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Monopoly on Tolerance

I try to steer clear of political banter on this blog, but I wanted to just briefly comment on what has been happening in California in the wake of the passing of Proposition 8. It seems to me quite odd that those on the left, and those in the homosexual community, feel as though they have a "monopoly" on tolerance, when they themselves show so much intolerance. But because they define tolerance on their terms, it is quite easy to come across as "tolerant" when they are allowed to define it.

Essentially, someone who is tolerant is a person who accepts all their views. Yet, if the liberal person acts intolerant to the person who disagrees with their views, then that liberal person is not truly intolerant because they are just trying to rid the world of intolerant people. So, what it boils down to is that you cannot be intolerant, except against so-called "intolerant" people, and since liberals get to define who is tolerant and who is intolerant, they can never be labeled as intolerant. It's nothing but circular reasoning.

Of course, they do not see it this way. I've had many discussions where I've made this point, and, again, since they are the ones who define tolerance and intolerance, they would never label their views as intolerant.

For the record, this is not a discussion of heterosexual/homosexual issues. I have had many homosexual friends, and I have family members who are homosexual. I believe many people are, in fact, born with such an orientation. But what I find unfortunate is that homosexuals have shown their true colors, in many ways, and revealed the fact that they will get downright nasty - something they have accused the other side of doing - to further their agenda.

The clip below is just one - of too many - clips that show how hate-filled and intolerant people in this community can be. Not everyone is this way, of course, and there are plenty of people on the other side who can get this way. But of all the coverage I have seen on this issue so far, I have rarely seen those who favored Proposition 8 getting so upset, violent, or intolerant. I'm sure there is some, but I have not come across it.

Whatever happened to the peaceful demonstrations of King, Ghandi and many others? Those who would like to equate homosexual oppression with that of racial oppression are falling far short of the example that the above gentlemen displayed. Watch the video below (especially around the 2 and the 7 minute marks) and tell me if the homosexual demonstrators look more like the oppressed African-Americans, or the oppressive white demonstrators. (Ant notice, especially, Eisenhower's last statement: "Mob rule cannot be allowed to override the decisions of our courts.")


Anonymous said...

Gandhi and King specifically practiced nonviolence. I am not aware of a nonviolence movement within the LGBT community (although there may be one).

mhb said...

Unfortunately no human beings have a monopoly on tolerance, not even Christians. But we can practice it ourselves as God leads us and encourage others to also.

Shawn Brace said...

Thank you for your thoughts, ladies!